Mandy Robinson, Northants

“Helping to design my hobbit house with Gnarlyoak and then watching it evolve was amazing.  The attention to detail is beautiful.  If you’re thinking about this, do it.  It is so much fun to be part of such a wonderful building.”

Brian Guthrie, Head of English, Highland Highschool, Salem, Oregon

“This is such an expression of creativity and hard work and also really cool”

Jane Owen, Brighton
“As a writer I think one of these is a) tax deductible and b) an absolute necessity.  Want. Want. Want.”

Bespoke garden dens

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There is nothing quite like a Gnarlyoak hobbit house. Each one is unique as its shape and aspect are determined by the natural forms of the four tree trunks placed at each corner. You decide where you want to put it, we do the rest. All timber is sourced sustainably from a Northamptonshire wood.

The roofs are sown with wild flower seed mix and the insides are finished with a solid floor, windows and wired for electricity. The chimney allows for a wood burning stove. Warm, waterproof and cosy in winter, cool and shady in summer. There is even a veranda to give shelter outside.

What you do with it is up to you!